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Vancouver Island is an incredible west coast rainforest get away. The residents are immersed in nature and have a great appreciation for the land. So much appreciation, in fact, that many choose to live off their own plots of land. Besides, they’ve got the space to do so!  But what does one do about all the stuff you don’t plan to use right away? Or what about all the inedible pieces of your harvest? This is your two step guide to answering both of these questions.


Free Composting Workshop

Composting, for those that aren’t familiar, is the act of recycling parts of your grown food that you do not intend to eat. These pieces may be edible, but they won’t necessarily be eaten (e.g., skins, roots, wilted bits). This free composting workshop occurs on Saturday, September 7, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  This quick workshop will go over basic needs to set up your own compost and knowing what the composting cycle looks like. What you learn here will help to make sure the soil in your garden is consistently fertile enough for new growth each year! 

Water Bath Canning

Canning is a common solution for storing things you’d like to eat later.  And we mean six or nine months down the road, not later as in today or tomorrow.  Canning happens at the point when you’ve completed all your harvest and now you’re looking for a way to store things for use in the winter months.  Join the Water Bath Canning workshop on Saturday, September 7, 2019 from 1-3 PM. Tickets around the $20 range, as you’ll learn from expert Lindsay Kearns about home techniques for preservation! 




Both workshops occur at the Compost Education Centre, so you won’t have to travel far between the two. Actually, you won’t have to travel much at all.  The only travelling you’ll have to figure out is the short 10 minute drive from your room at the Days Inn Victoria On the Harbour. Our rooms have windows that look out on towards the inner harbour. If the view isn’t enough, be sure to enjoy the onsite restaurant and then pop into the pool for a quick swim before bed time. Book the room of your choice now!


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