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The best place to stay in Victoria!
Photo by Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin

Victoria has something for everybody – it’s an outdoor playground, a bustling arts community, a quaint provincial capital with plenty of gorgeous streets and history to meander through, and maybe most importantly it’s a culinary destination! Here are some of our picks for the best places to visit when you come through town.


Victoria’s own Rebar is one of North America’s foremost vegetarian restaurants. Mentioned in the same breath as the Moosewood, Rebar is known for making fresh and delicious cruelty-free meals that vegetarians and omnivores adore!

Known for their tempeh reuben, their sumptuous soups and robust and filling salads, Rebar has been a hot spot for Victoria dining for decades, and their cookbook is a mainstay in kitchens across Canada. This is a must – visit!


For our money, if you are visiting Victoria this is THE restaurant to visit. Famous for their brunch, if you show up too late in the morning the line to get into the Blue Fox will wrap around the block. That’s because it is ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE WAIT.

“Sure,” you might be thinking. “It’s a good breakfast – but can they really do eggs and bacon THAT much better than anyone else?” The answer is an emphatic YES.  Not only do they source local ingredients, they prepare them all with genuine care and expertise. Sure, we’ve all had oatmeal – but how many of us have had “orange cardamom and honey cream hot oatmeal porridge”? Eggs Benedict are always good, but the Blue Fox’s “roquette chicken benny” is sublime.

Trust us. Anything you order for breakfast at the Blue Fox is the best version of that dish you will ever have.
Of course, both these locations are just a short walk from the Days Inn Victoria on the Harbour – book your accommodations today and our staff will be sure to give you the best local recommendations!
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