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Victoria is waiting with bated breath – that’s because it’s almost time for the Fringe Festival! For those who don’t know, Fringe is a theatre festival that started in Edinburgh but has since come to major cities all around the world. Fringe is built on a simple principal – anyone can submit a play! This basic tenement means that Fringe plays are wild, wonderful, and an absolute blast. Some are winners, are some are… not so winner, but that’s all a part of the fun. It’s an amazing time every year and you should visit Victoria to see it.
Victoria Fringe takes place from August 22nd to September 2nd, and if you’re having trouble picking what to see, here are some that we’re planning to check out!


In this affecting show, Cory Thibert tells the story of helping his parents move, slowly revealing the details of what sets his family apart and questioning what it means to be “normal” family. It’s funny, tear-jerking, and everything you could possibly want from the Fringe!


In this hilariously creative show, Victoria’s own Shawn O’Hara takes you on a crash course through the kind of Field Zoology you’ll never find in any textbook! This one is SERIOUSLY funny – check it out if you want a real laugh!


The Red Bastard is a character created by performer Eric Davis specifically for  Cirque de Soleil! IN this award-winning show, he blends clown, dance, improvs and incredible wit for a provocative and entertaining show that will make you question what it is to really love somebody! A mind-bending delight!


Grim and Fischer is one a production of Wonderheads Theater that combines dance, puppetry, and… you know what? It would be better you don’t hear about them in advance. Wonderheads are, well, just wonderful, and you won’t regret seeing this amazing show.

Victoria Fringe takes place at various venues throughout the city, but you won’t be far from any of them if you book a room at the Days Inn Victoria on The Harbour. Let us know when you’re coming and we’ll give you our Fringe picks!
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