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BC’s capital city is a home to outdoor lovers. Gardeners, adventure sports enthusiasts and artists with an appreciation for the beauty of nature all call this port town home. Downtown Victoria is built on a gorgeous harbour, making for easy access the wonders of the Pacific ocean and the Georgia Strait, and the glories of Vancouver Island are all a short drive away.
What’s more, we celebrate this connection with plenty of fantastic events designed to make your connection with the natural world deeper. Here are a few events we’re looking forward to!


Time’s running out for this spectacular exhibit! Every year the Royal BC Museum runs this fan-favourite event, where photographers from around the world submit their best work for display. These gorgeous photos are enlarged and backlit, and accompanied by informative interpretive statements that explore the stories behind the gorgeous images that you are seeing. This exhibit has been running for several months now, but it’s coming to a close on April 2. Make sure to get in before the finish line!


Wake Up The Gorge is the Victoria Canoe & Kayak’s Club annual race, which takes place at in the Gorge Waters by Tillicum. With categories for Kayaks, outrigger canoes, and small boats, the event is designed to bring together individuals with similar interest to grow and share expertise in paddle boating. This event takes place April 14-15 and kicks off the racing season! You can take part whether you’re an experienced paddler or just starting to take your first outings out onto the water. Or, if you just want to watch the fun, you can experience it from Esquimalt Gorge Park while enjoying the sun and shade!
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When visiting Victoria, you can stay right by the water for an affordable rate by booking a room at the Day’s Inn Victoria on The Harbour. Steps from the water and from affordable bike rental agencies, we make it easy to explore the natural beauty of Victoria.
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