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Victoria is vibrant, even in February

  • January 18, 2020



Hermann’s Jazz Club is one of Victoria’s favourite venues for great live music! This February 1, it will host the annual Victoria Americana Festival, which is a local highlight every year!

“Americana” is a term that has emerged to describe the intersection of “folk,” “country” and “rock and roll” that characterizes the weary, heart-worn spirit of the traveling troubadour. Far removed from the sound of pop-country, you can also hear distinct confluences of blues, R&B and gospel in this melting pot of sounds. The overall themes of Americana recounts man's disregard toward his fellow man and of the resilient human spirit triumphing over great adversity. If you love authentic music that draws upon varied musical traditions, coupled with compelling narratives of the human condition, make your way to Victoria on the 1st to see fabulous artists faithfully representing the genre: Oliver Swain, Anne-Louise Genest and Jesse Cobb. Listen as they transport audiences to another place and time.


Vancouver Island is a paradise of locally sourced fresh ingredients, crystal clear water and the bracing salt spray of the ocean. It's no small wonder that it's home to dozens of amazing breweries and distillers! The Island Beer and Spirits Festival is returning for its 11th year on February 16, and it’s your chance to sample the very best that the island has to offer. It is a grand showcase, featuring the offerings of more than 20 of the region's finest beer and liquor producers. You are encouraged to taste test, and compare and contrast brews and spirits from all regions of the island in one convenient location at the Distrikt Games Room at The Strathcona. The cost of a ticket ($25) will include one food item. 

If you want to experience Vancouver Island at its best, visit one of many fine entertainment venues to see a great show, go on a culinary adventure featuring local fare, and book a room at the Days Inn Victoria on The Harbour. Our waterfront hotel features spectacular views of Victoria’s scenic harbour, and is just steps away from our vibrant and lively downtown area. Inquire about pet-friendly rooms so you won't be missing your beloved pet while on your Vancouver Island getaway. 


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