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Meet Fascinating People in Victoria

  • February 29, 2020

Image by Anthony DELANOIX


Victoria is full of the most fascinating people you’ll ever meet. That’s true generally, but it’s especially so this March. This breathtaking waterfront city is not only home to dazzling scenery and historic landmarks, but it also attracts world-class guests. Spend an evening with global movers and shakers, and artists who will truly inspire you. 


Jane Goodall has lived a fascinating life. This world-famous biologist and conservationist first made a name for herself studying chimpanzees in Tanzania. Goodall has fought tirelessly for the rights of animals and their habitats throughout the world. She took an unconventional approach to the study of these intelligent and fascinating animals by immersing herself into their environment to gain a better understanding of their complex social interactions and their social and emotional bonds. A brilliant mind filled with deep insights and stories, Goodall will be coming to Victoria on March 26 at The Farquhar Theatre on the University of Victoria’s picturesque campus. Don’t miss out on an intriguing evening!


David Bowie was truly one of a kind. The Thin White Duke has reinvented himself time and time again throughout his career, consistently transforming to become a better, wiser and more compelling artist. He inspired generations of artists of all stripes and when he died in 2016 a great void had opened up in our collective cultural experience.

Fortunately, there are performers like Syl Thompson and his band, Ground Control, who are out there keeping the memory of Bowie alive. An accomplished musician, Thompson channels Bowie through his many personas, changing costumes on stage to deliver an experience that is akin to seeing the legend himself in performance. Don’t miss this award-winning tribute act when they perform at Victoria’s renowned Alix Goolden Hall on March 28.


When Michelle Obama became First Lady in 2008, she captured the imagination of a generation of both men and women. It seemed as if she had stepped out of nowhere, a figure of incredible grace and wisdom, effortlessly performing the duties of her office and even elevating them to greater heights than her predecessors did.

Of course, Michelle Obama did not come from “nowhere,” as she details in her 2018 memoir Becoming. A lifelong activist for black and women’s rights, she is every bit an equal to her partner and husband, former President Barack Obama. To this day, she continues to inspire and create change, and she will be sharing her wisdom and experiences in Victoria on March 31 at the Save On Memorial Centre.

Victoria is a fascinating town, filled with history, landmarks, culture, and fabulous people. When you choose to visit this great capital city, you can find a wonderful home away from home at the Days Inn Victoria on The Harbour. You will be welcomed with superbly comfortable accommodations and premium quality amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, outdoor swimming pool and whirlpool, hotel restaurant and lounge and much more. Save on your booking by inquiring about our special hotel packages and deals. Make your reservations today!


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