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The best place to stay in Victoria!

Photo by Emilie Farris

Victoria has something for everybody. If you love the outdoors we have miles upon miles of hiking and mountain biking tracks, pristine water for kayaking or boating and more. If you’re a foodie, we have hundreds of outstanding restaurants to discover. And if you’re a geek, well…


Back for another year, the Victoria Comic Book Expo is a geek’s dream come true! A Shangri-La for anyone who collects comics, the Victoria Comic Book Expo features dozens of exhibitors and hundreds of fans buying, selling and trading classic comic books, as well as gabbing about all their favourite characters! Even better, you can get FREE comics while supplies last!

You love comics, but in day to day life it’s hard to find people who feel the same way about them – so you hold back and keep that love deep inside. Well at the Victoria Comic Book Expo, you’re surrounded by people who feel exactly the same way as you do! Dress up, discuss the finer points of Jack Kirby’s lasting legacy, the continuity errors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC’s continuing inability to turn their iconic characters into anything worth a darn on screen with people who share your passion. Takes place February 16!


Is there any toy that is as universally loved as Lego? As soon as kids are old enough not to swallow lego’s plastic pieces, then they are transfixed, combining them to make their dream builds come true – and the same is absolutely true of adults! Throughout February take a short trip to Sidney-by-the-Sea to witness what some of the most gifted Lego master builders in the world are capable of creating! Discover the half-century old history of Lego, see the enormous Lego pyramid, and best of all, PLAY WITH LEGO! It’s a museum visit that will bring out the kid in all of us.

Victoria is a big city and a small town rolled up into one. If you’re visiting, you want to stay centrally so you can discover all that it has to offer! Book a room at the Days Inn Victoria on The Harbour for one of the most scenic locations in the entire city, a short walk from Victoria’s hottest locations. Reserve your room today
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