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The best place to stay in Victoria!

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Vancouver Island is a place of great taste. A bastion of culture in the wilds of Vancouver Island, you’ll find wonderful, creative people in every walk of life. Featuring a vibrant restaurant culture, a trip to Victoria is sure to expose you to the very best in food and drink.


Wineries and vineyards have traditionally received a lot of attention, and in the last decade or two the craft brewery has been rising in the public’s attention – and why not? A great wine is a truly wonderful thing, and craft beer can express a lot about a place, its ingredients, and its people! But if you’re looking for the next big thing in tasting culture, it’s the craft spirit.

Spirits like whiskey, gin and rum all take on subtle differences in the distillation process, and those differences tell a story. Were the grains harvested from the same place as the distillery? Were the botanicals in the gin locally harvested? What kind of wood was used in the barrels that aged the whiskey? There is every bit to discover in a finely crafted bourbon as there is in a pinot noir.

That’s why craft distilleries are popping up all over Vancouver Island, with each distiller making bold choices about how to represent their choices. And on November 3, you can meet 11 of those distillers at Merridale Farm in Cobble Hill for the 1st annual Craft Spirit Festival. Come experience the inaugural festival that is sure to be the next big thing in Vancouver Island culinary culture! Enjoy canapes from Merridale’s kitchen paired with the finest of Vancouver Island spirits. And don’t worry about arranging a DD – ticket prices include a round-trip bus ride from Victoria!

If you do attend the Craft Spirit Festival, know you’ll have a comfortable place to sleep off the day’s festivities at the Days Inn Victoria on the Harbour. Offering great value in an unbeatable location, we’re the perfect place to cap off your culinary explorations!
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