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 The best place to stay in Victoria!

Photo by Wilson Hui

As the capital of British Columbia, Victoria has a long storied history; it has seen many ups, downs, and conflicts over the years and that means one thing: HAUNTINGS!

Whether you’re a true believer in spectral presences or just love a good spooky story, Victoria is the place to be this Halloween season! If these streets could talk, they’d tell tales of murder, vengeance, and over a hundred and fifty years of the kind of drama games of thrones are based on!


Throughout October, you can book a walking tour that takes you through the quaint streets of Victoria, accompanied by a gifted storyteller with a talent for bringing the city’s history to life (or afterlife)! With nightly walks, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about some of the city’s most scandalous affairs, grisly murders, and spooktastic hauntings! Learn about the legacy of BC’s famous Judge Begbie, AKA the “Hanging Judge” and why he got that nickname (hint: it’s not why you might think!) and the criminals that he put behind bars… or worse! Explore Victoria’s historic Chinatown (including the infamous Fan Tan Alley) and learn about the troubled history of this gorgeous part of town, as well as the spirits that are said to haunt Victoria’s harbour.


If going for a walk isn’t your style, then maybe you’d prefer to raise a glass to the departed! Victoria has some of the most historic pubs in Western Canada, and many have a reputation for catering to regulars… of the deceased kind! The Garrick’s Head is a great place to raise a pint that has a reputation for spectral presence’s, while James Bays’ Bent Mast is said to be haunted by the ghost of its former owner – maybe he just had too great a time to leave!

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there is no denying that downtown Victoria is beautiful in the fall, the chill ocean breeze gently rustling bright red leaves as the seasons change. We hope you’ll experience the most that downtown Victoria has to offer by booking a room at the Days Inn Victoria on The Harbour – your gateway to all the beauty and fun of downtown Victoria!
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