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Victoria isn’t just the governmental capital of BC – it’s also the cultural capital, a place to hear great music, encounter brave ideas and watch great films!


Established in 1967, The Victoria Film Festival has been around for over half a century making it one of the oldest film festivals in Canada! That kind of longevity requires the support of a community and Victoria provides that in spades. And why not? Every year the Film Festival showcases the very best in international and homegrown films, providing a cinematic experience you normally don’t get. Hand-picked to reflect current issues and interests, the films of the Victoria Film Festival are always fascinating and provocative, and sometimes weird and wonderful!

This year we’re extremely excited to see Adventures in Public School, a tender and awkward comedy about a home-schooled genius and his helicopter mom played by Judy Greer, the perennial “best friend” in rom-coms. Reviews suggest that Greer is endlessly delightful in this one and we believe it!

Want something a bit more cerebral, beautiful and challenging? Canadian documentary We Make Couples look at the cultural underpinnings of romance, daring to ask “what is the price of a first kiss? How do you determine the boundaries of identity in love? What broader cultural roles do we fulfil when we fall in love?” These heady questions combine with stunningly beautiful footage to create a mystifying and profound exploration that may change your life forever.

Want something profoundly artistic? French film La Petite Fille Qui Aimait Trop Les Allumettes [The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches] adapts Gaétan Soucy’s severely beautiful novel into an expressionist dream that menaces and much as it delights.

Looking for more? The full program includes detailed write-ups that will help convince you to start planning your trip!

Once you’ve finished planning which movies you need to see, book your room at the Days Inn Victoria on The Harbour. Our friendly staff will be sure to share which films they’ve heard buzz about and help you make the most of your stay in Victoria!
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