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Spring comes early to Victoria – explore it this March to get an early break from winter!


Vancouver Island has some of the best breweries around! That culture is celebrated every March during Victoria Beer Week, one of Victoria’s most exciting new traditions. Featuring events at sites throughout the city on every night of the week, this is your chance to taste the best that Victoria has to offer! It takes place March 1 through to the 9th, you can sample beers from over 40 different breweries over nine days!

Do you like beer, but know you could learn more about it? Then get excited, because this event is absolutely geared towards education. Attend workshops hosted by brewers and beer experts (we just found out that beer “sommeliers” are actually called “cicerones”!) and find out more about what makes your favourite brews so good, and what to look for when tasting beers! We’re particularly looking forward to “All About The Wood,” a workshop dedicated to showcasing the effect of different kegs on beer as it ferments! Exciting stuff.


When David Bowie died in 2016, he left behind a lifetime of music and influence. While he is missed, the music he made has a lasting legacy that hasn’t gone away. On March 2 at Victoria’s historic venue The Alix Goolden Hall, musician Syl Thompson will recreate the sights and sounds of David Bowie on stage. Thompson has been the foremost Bowie impersonator in the game for three decades now, and we need him more than ever. Come help breathe life back into this timeless category and rediscover the best of Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and The Thin White Duke.

Whether you need a place to sleep off your drinks or revel in the magic of live performance, the Days Inn Victoria on The Harbour is where you want to be. Located a walking distance from Victoria’s hottest venues, we aim to be your portal to all your Vic adventures! Book your stay today.
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