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Looking for a break? Victoria is BEAUTIFUL right now. Here are a few excuses to make the trip, but believe us – Victoria is where you want to be.


Unless you’re vegan (and good on you if you are!) the idea of a festival dedicated to cheese and meat is probably endlessly attractive.

On May 11 at the Roundhouse, Victoria hosts the Cheese and Meat festival! Dedicated to the miracles of cheese preparation and preserved meats like salami, prosciutto and more. Chat with the island’s producers and sample the best of the best with experts who will guide you with tasting notes! Enjoy drink pairings and learn more about the processes behind your favourite foods.


Chances are you were completely entranced by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s utterly captivating gold-medal performances at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. These two incredible athletes combined grace, power and performance into a show that was profoundly moving and audiences couldn’t get enough.

Virtue and Moir’s popularity was NOT an isolated incident: Canada has a long history with figure skating and ice dancing, and on May 14th you can see some of the very best at Save-On Memorial Arena for Stars on Ice! Featuring a wealth of incredible skaters like Kurt Browning, Patrick Chan, Kaetlyn Osmond and many more, this promises to be an incredible show. The amount of talent, skill and cumulative Olympic medals in this tour is frankly ASTOUNDING. Honestly, if all the performers wore the Olympic medals they’ve won during the show, they wouldn’t be able to jump off the ice. This is world-class ice dancing and we’re lucky to have them!

Seriously. Victoria is astoundingly gorgeous at this time of year. Here at Days Inn Victoria on The Harbour all we have to do is look out the window to appreciate the beauty. All you have to do is book a room and plan your trip!
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